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What we do.

As a global fortune 500 company with a long history of innovation, Sharp were looking to increase innovation in the educational technology sector. Specifically, they were interested in the role mobile technologies could play in second language learning in real world contexts.

Sharp partnered with Seventh Stage to design, develop and evaluate a new technology that would allow learners to acquire new vocabulary using their physical environment.

How We Do it.



We find out everything we can about you and your business and what makes it tick.



Agile rapid prototyping approach allowing for quick iterations informed by results of ‘in field’ evaluations.



With the help of our partners we deployed the technology in a further education college in central Nottingham for real world user testing.



We wrote and presented the results of our technology to staff at further education colleges throughout the East Midlands.

Second Language Learning

Real World Contexts


At the heart of this project was a commitment to releasing an open technology that could be used by students and teachers in further education colleges throughout the UK. As such we published three open source technologies.

Design. Develop. Evaluate.